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Hugh Brown with the Kestrel Drop D3

Hugh Brown discusses his use of the Kestrel Drop D3 from Yakutsk Siberia.
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Evaporation Rate Calculation: 4300/5200 Meters

Evaporation Rate It is calculated on the K4300 as well as on the K5200. The formula used is: E = 5.275([Tc + 17.778]2.5 – Rh[Ta +17.778]2.5)(Ws + 4.02336) * 10-6 Where: E = evaporation rate in kg/m2/h Tc = Temperature of Concrete in C Ta = Ambient Temperature in C Ws = Wind Speed in km/h Rh = relative humidity in percent / 100. Example 40% = .4 This formula is derived from Estimating Evaporation Rates to Prevent Plastic Shrinkage Cracking but has been modified slightly to solve an issue that faced the Kestrel developers when this measurement was initially...

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Bushnell Kestrel Sportsman Ballistic Weather Meter Team up...

Ok... so the word got out quick and we're getting questions. As of June 2015, here's what NK has to say: Advance Information from the Kestrel CEO – Kestrel Ballistics Weather Meters and the Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX   Word is out – the R&D teams at Kestrel and Bushnell have been hard at work creating a new integration of our products that will create exciting capability and accuracy for the dedicated long-range shooter. I want to make sure our customers understand what this means to them so they can make the right purchasing decisions while we’re in the...

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