Kestrel Meters Manufacturer's Warranty

All Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters are made in the USA and covered by a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Additionally, every single Kestrel manufactured is calibrated for every single value, either directly against NIST-traceable standards or against an intermediary standard that is calibrated daily. Every unit is shipped with a FREE Certificate of Conformity that states what calibrations were performed, and the certified performance specifications.

For more information on Calibrations, Certifications and Service, as well as the Nielsen-Kellerman's Customer Care Program, please visit NK's complete warranty and customer care page here

Kestrel AU

All meters purchased in Australia/NZ will have an authorized C-tick on the unit.  These units will be supported under the manufacturer warranty, under the stated manufacturer guidelines for 5 years.  Please feel free to contact us directly:

By Phone
(Questions & Sales)
+61 (03) 9999 7348

By Fax
+61 (08) 8312 6017

By Mail
Kestrel AU
1117 Hoddle St
East Melbourne, Victoria 5049 Australia

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KESTREL AU  Warranty

  • Meters - 5 Years
  • Impeller - 1 year
Nielsen-Kellermanm (NK), USA manufacturer of Kestrel Meters, does not believe in "disposable electronics." Kestrel Meters are designed for years of performance in tough conditions. Nielsen-Kellerman guarantees every product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of FIVE YEARS from your date of purchase. If you purchased your product here in Australia, or in New Zealand, KESTREL AU will repair or replace any defective product or part when notified within the warranty period, and will return the product shipped at no charge. If your meter is not a C-tick meter, we can not help you.  The following issues do not result from a manufacturing defect and are not covered under this warranty:
  • Damage due to improper use or neglect (including corrosion)
  • Impact damage
  • Modifications or attempted repairs by someone other than an authorized NK repair agent
  • Impeller failure not caused by a manufacturing defect
  • Normal wear from use of the product
  • Failed batteries
  • Re-calibration beyond 30 days from your date of purchase

Your warranty period will be measured from your date of purchase. The best way to ensure full warranty coverage is to REGISTER with KESTEL AU via our website. We keep your registration information strictly confidential and do not sell it, share it, or use it for anything but product-related information bulletins (which you may decline receiving). If you do not register and cannot provide proof of purchase, your warranty period will be measured from our date of manufacture (by serial number), which may be well before your purchase date.

We request that you contact KESTREL AU if you feel your product is not working properly. We can often solve product issues by phone or e-mail, saving you the time and expense of returning the unit. If they require the product to be returned, we will issue a Return Authorization to our office here in Australia.  

Our minimum charge to test a unit and process a repair is $25. To avoid paying this charge unnecessarily, please perform simple troubleshooting before you send in your product.

Okay, time for the unavoidable legalese: Except as otherwise provided herein, no other warranties, expressed or implied, are made with respect to these products, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Nielsen-Kellerman assumes no liability for any damages, losses, or expenses resulting directly or indirectly from product use.


Trade In

Kestrel AU wants you to be a Kestrel customer for life, so we take care of you even beyond the terms of the above warranty with our Customer Care Program. Trade-in any of our meters, no matter the age or condition, and receive a discount on a replacement product.  (Yes, even if its run over by your car)  Your trade-in discount applies to the same model or higher.
Your trade-in must be surrendered at the time of the sale to receive the discount (that is, we can not give a credit at a later date) and cannot be retained for parts or attempted salvage.

If a unit can not be repaired & is outside the warranty period, we will offer you a discount on a NEW product.
This offer is ONLY available direct from KESTREL AU.