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Why Buy From Kestrel Australia?

Kestrel Australia based in Melbourne, Victoria, has been designated by Nielsen-Kellerman, the manufacturer of Kestrel Weather and Environmental Instruments, as the exclusive authorized important agent for Kestrel produces in Australia. Kestrel Australia is completely independent from Nielsen-Kellerman and employs the Kestrel® trademark and logo under license from Nielsen-Kellerman. Kestrel Australia owns and operates the website KestrelMeters.com.AU.

Your best assurance of receiving a genuine new Kestrel product as well as full warranty support is to purchase your Kestrel product directly from Kestrel Australia one of our many Kestrel resellers inside of Australia.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

All purchases direct from Kestrel Australia carry a 30-Day money back guarantee. If your Kestrel product isn’t all you hoped it would be, just get in touch with us and we’ll make it right.


Warranty Service and Support

All Kestrel Instruments are covered by a Five-Year Limited Warranty. Your fastest way to get warranty service and technical support is just to get in touch with us here in Melbourne by phone, email or post. You can also get in touch with the Australian retailer you purchased it from.

Note that we only provide service and support for Kestrel products imported by Kestrel Australia. All products imported by Kestrel Australia will bear the the C-Tick  mark on the rear label. Products which do not bear the C-Tick were imported into Australia via another agent or means, and warranty and technical support can be obtained directly from the manufacturer – visit www.kestrelinstruments.com/support for more information.


Lifetime Customer Care

When you purchase from Kestrel Australia, our support doesn’t stop at the end of the Five-Year Warranty period. We’ll even provide a NEW unit at a substantial discount should you have any problems outside the warranty period (even if you run over it with a car). Just get in touch with use for more details.


C-Tick Compliance

Kestrel Australia is the licensed holder of the C-Tick  registrations for all Kestrel Instruments in Australia. This compliance label indicates that Kestrel products imported by Kestrel Australia comply with all applicable standards and establishes a traceable link between the devices and the manufacturer, importer or their agent responsible for compliance and for placing it on the Australian market. Manufacturers in Australia, importers, and their authorized agents who are responsible for supplying radio communications, specified electrical and electronic devices or telecommunications equipment or cabling must comply with the applicable labelling notice, and therefore must have the relevant compliance mark, together with supplier identification, placed on the product. Meters imported into Australia for purchase without the C-Tick compliance mark are considered grey or black market goods and may be may destroyed, discarded, or refused entry at the point of import by customs agents.


Predictable Pricing and Delivery with No Customs Delays

All Kestrel Australia prices are quoted inclusive of GST. We ship via TNT and AU Post and keep our shipping charges low. Shipping is fast, typically next day to your door anywhere in AU. And there are no Customs or freight worries when you buy from us.

We often hear from customers asking why Kestrel products sell for lower prices in the USA.  Kestrel Meters are made in the USA and, like most exported products, will be more expensive outside of the USA than in:

  • AU prices are quoted inclusive of 10% GST.  In the US, sales taxes (6 to 10%) are applied at checkout based on the customer’s location, so these will not show on US websites.  
  • When you buy from Kestrel Australia, we’ve already paid the shipping in import duties for you.
  • The exchange rate is not in the favor of the AU dollar at present.

Everything is just a little less expensive in the US.  From salaries, to food, to gas, to clothes, to yes... Kestrel Meters, prices are generally higher in Australia. Because Kestrel Australia is the only authorized import agent in Australia, Nielsen-Kellerman’s authorized US dealers all agree not to ship to Australia. However, Kestrel products sometimes find their way to E-bay and other non-authorized outlets. As mentioned above, importing directly from one of these sellers runs the risk of your purchase beings stopped at the border and lost without recourse due to lack of the C-tick registration.


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