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Kestrel HUD Heads Up Display for Series 5 Ballistics Meter


Kestrel HUD Heads Up Display for Series 5 Ballistics Meter

Coming Soon to Australia

The brand new Kestrel HUD wirelessly connects to your Kestrel Ballistics Meter so you can easily see shooting solutions for up to 10 targets on a clear, convenient, gun mounted display, providing the fastest, most accessible targeting solution data available. Spotters can feed shooters updated target data on the fly and stage data is ready on the HUD as soon as it's entered into the Kestrel. No more markers and masking tape! Let the Kestrel HUD do the job of managing your target data so you can focus on shooting and hitting more targets.

The Kestrel HUD Heads Up Display wirelessly connects to Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meters via LiNK Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology.

The HUD connects to the Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app for iOS and Android for firmware updates ONLY.
*You are not able to change HUD settings or access HUD features in the app.



  • Practical competitive shooting
  • Long-range hunting/ Steel
  • Extreme long range
  • Pest control


Can I connect a HUD to a Laser Range Finder and Kestrel at the same time?

Yes. Use the following steps on your Ballistics Meter.

With firmware update 1.35 (or higher), there are new menu options in the Bluetooth submenu. Choose Connect to Device and you will see Device Connect and HUD Connect. Select HUD Connect to pair with a HUD. Press the centre button to start searching for a HUD. The HUD needs to be turned on to show up. Select it when it appears after “Searching for Devices” is completed.

To connect to a compatible Laser Range Finder, follow the same process but select Device Connect. It should not matter in which order you choose to pair the devices. You will see two Bluetooth icons on the main firing screen when connected to both (see image).

How can I switch between the different screens on the HUD?

Press and hold the far right button (2 seconds) to toggle between the various screens. You can turn these screens on or off in the main menu if you do not plan to use them. The screens in order are:

  • Single Target
  • Single Target - Large Font
  • Target Card (Elite Only)
  • Target Card - Large Font (Elite Only)
  • DOPE Card (Elite Only)

What is the purpose of the remote, do I need a remote?

The remote mimics the middle three buttons on the HUD so you do not have to physically press the buttons on the HUD. The remote can be mounted so that you can remain in a prone position and change options such as target or range without having to shift your position. The HUD can function standalone without the use of a remote.

How can I change the attributes for the Single Target Screen?

  • Go into the Main Menu and scroll down to Single Target Setup.
  • Highlight Row 1 or Row 2.
  • Toggle the values until you see your preferred values showing on the screen.

Can I connect the Kestrel to a Laser Range Finder and the Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app simultaneously?

No. Pairing the Kestrel to the Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app is a one-to-one connection. 

What if I do not have a Picatinny rail on my rifle?

We currently have a mount (included with HUD) that works on a Picatinny rail. We are currently looking for partners to help develop different mounting options for customers who do not have Picatinny rail mounts. Hopefully, this could be an option at some point in the future.

How do I update the firmware on my Kestrel HUD? Can I connect the Kestrel HUD to Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app?

You can connect the HUD to the Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app for iOS or Android. When you connect, you will be notified if an update is available. The HUD will need to be turned on and have Bluetooth enabled in order for the Ballistics app to find it and connect to it. There is no other functionality for connecting the HUD to the application except for updating firmware.

How do I activate the backlight on the HUD?

Double-tap the "square" button on the right of the HUD to activate the backlight. Double-tap the "square" button to turn off backlight as well. The backlight can be toggled between Red, White or off in the System menu. To access the system menu, click the main menu then choose the system menu.

How can I get the HUD clip to mount over both notches on the front of the unit?

The HUD clip is not intended to be clicked into both notches on the front of the HUD. One side of the clip will be over the notch but the other side does not go over the other notch. The HUD should be secure in the clip without having both notches clipped in. See picture

Why did the power drain completely on my Kestrel or my HUD?

Please make sure to turn off either the Kestrel or the HUD after using them. While both have an Auto Shutdown mode (when enabled), neither unit will turn off when connected to each other. Therefore if you throw a connected Kestrel and HUD into your bag when finished shooting, neither will turn off until the battery dies (or you eventually turn them off).

Available Features

  • Single Target Screen - Displays an accurate firing solution along with up-to-date target and environmental details
  • Custom Target Card Screen - View up to 10 targets without ever coming out of the scope*
  • Large Font Option - Improves visibility and focus on critical data while reducing eye strain. Easy-to-read in direct sunlight and low light conditions.
  • Stage Timer - Knowing your progress through a stage lets you make better decisions and hit more targets
  • Remote Switch – Switch between targets and send target data to your Kestrel without changing your shooting position
  • Live Updates - Target screens display live updates from Kestrel readings for the most relevant, valuable ballistic data
  • *DOPE Card Screen - Download full range card specific to your rifle and bullet -- eliminating the need for pen and paper
  • *Target Card Screen - View and receive live updates for up to 10 unique targets when paired with 5700 Elite
  • *5700 Elite unit only