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AgTech Drones and the Kestrel 5500AG

AgTech Drones and the Kestrel 5500AG

AgTech drones is a new company specialising in agricultural spraying and other farm tasks. They are based in far north Queensland and run a fleet of 

Precision Ag inspired RPA’s (drones), including a highly advanced spraying Drone. 

AgTech Drones needed a compact and reliable weather station to use while their Drones are in operation. They did not need to look far and found the perfect solution in the Kestrel 5500AG.

The company's founder Terry Curnuck got in touch with us and said that:

"This weather station is everything and more. It ticks all my boxes and includes a Delta T meter and wind vane which is perfect for Agricultural spraying. I particularly like the data recording feature, which saves all my important data while on the go. Furthermore, the Kestrel APP is very handy and has features such as being able to export data information to a desktop computer. I must also mention the Kestrel Australian staff; their service is fantastic and their professional approach is hard to beat. Overall, I highly recommend this product and the key features it offers. Well done Kestrel."

Thank you, Terry, for the kind words and great images posted below!

Kestrel 5500AG and Agtech Drone

Kestrel AG with agricultural spraying drone

To find out more visit AgTech on facebook.


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