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KestrelMeters.com.au is owned and operated by KESTREL AU Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Victoria. 

Kestrel AU is the only licensed holder of C-Tick  and only authorized importer for Australia. This compliance label indicates that Kestrel Meters imported by KestrelAU comply with the applicable standard and establishes a traceable link between the devices and the manufacturer, importer or their agent responsible for compliance and for placing it on the Australian market. Meters without the C-Tick compliance mark are either grey or black market goods, and are not eligible for warranty or technical support.
Manufacturers in Australia, importers, or their authorised agent who are responsible for supplying radiocommunications, specified electrical and electronic devices or telecommunications equipment or cabling must comply with the applicable labelling notice, and therefore must have the relevant compliance mark, together with supplier identification, placed on the product.