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Sole Importer and Exclusive Distributor of Kestrel Products in Australia
Sole Importer and Exclusive Distributor of Kestrel Products in Australia


The Successor to the legendary Terrapin, the new Terrapin X is the new authority in commercial grade rangefinders. For years the most frequently asked question has been, which rangefinder do I get? We always gave the same advice, a second-hand Vectroni x if you can find one. Well now they are going to be readily available for everyone, the new TerrapinX is the answer to your range finding requirements.


  • Measurable ranges up to 3,280 yards/3,000 meters and beyond through precision laser technology – class I eye-safe
  • Housing made from rubberized and reinforced RYTON® plastics. Provides solid protection from water, dust, and accidental drops
  • Wireless communication between the TERRAPIN X mobile app, KESTREL® ballistic solvers supporting LiNK protocol or other products.
  • Unmatched 8× magnification for extreme range measurements and a 28 mm front objective lens for maximum light gathering and highest resolution.


When you buy the TERRAPIN X you will get the standard warranty of 2 years (Australia). By registering for the TERRAPIN X mobile app, your warranty will be extended to lifetime for optics and to 3 years for electronics (excluding misuse). The registration must occur within 90 days after purchase.


All TerrapinX Rangefinders are from the Australian distributor Kestrel AU and are backed by local customer service and by us who actually use the product regularly.

Terrapin X Specifications:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity with your Kestrel or Ballistic App
  • 11m to 3000m Range
  • Azimuth to Target
  • Equivalent Range to Target using the corrected horizontal distance
  • Scan Mode
  • One Button Operation
  • 8x Magnification with great optics (compared to the originals 5x)
  • Rugged Outer Shell
  • 12 x 0.5MRAD Beam Divergence

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