The Kestrel 4200 is the right option for professionals looking for a pocket HVAC  Airflow Meter.  The 4200 measure air flow in HVAC systems, as well as temperature, relative humidity, humidity ratio, and much more.  The potential industrial applications for Kestrel Meters are virtually limitless, which is why the full range of Kestrel meters is listed below. Any industrial operation involving air quality, drying times (brick, concrete, paint, etc.) heating and cooling, crane and high rise operations, demolition or electric work, welding, and much more will benefit from accurate data readings of air velocity, barometric pressure, heat stress, dew point, water temperature, wet bulb temperature, average wind speed, maximum wind gust and more.  While virtually any Kestrel meter model is a great tool for the job site, the 4200 was designed  with HVAC tradespeople in mind.

The Kestrel 4300 Construction weather tracker was the first kestrel designed specifically for construction professionals, especially those who work with concrete and other curing materials. The new evaporation rte function makes the Kestrel 4300 to perfect tool for concrete contractors.

Kestrel Meters for Construction & HVAC