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Replacement Salt / Magnesium Kit

by Kestrel

Kestrel Replacement NaCl & MgCl Salt Kit 


Replacement salt for Kestrel RH Field Calibration Kit. The Kestrel replacement salt kit comes with one (50 gram) container of NaCl (Sodium Chloride 75.3%) and one (50 gram) container of MgCl (Magnesium Chloride 32.8%). 


Replacement salt kits should only be used if you have the Kestrel Meter Calibration Kit.


Distilled water is recommended to be used when recalibrating. For use with: Kestrel 5000, Kestrel 4500, Kestrel 4300, Kestrel 4200, Kestrel 4100, Kestrel 4000, Kestrel 3500, and Kestrel 3000 (Both the older 2 button and 4 button version) 


NOTE: The replacement salts are sourced in Australia and have a larger grain size compared to the salts supplied in the Calibration Kit.

TIP: We recommend using boiling distilled water when mixing it with the calibration replacement salts, this process alows the water to be absorbed more easily by the salts, simplefying the process of achiving the slurry consistency required for the calibration process.


Kestrel Replacement NaCl Salt Kit Additional Information