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Kestrel Meters Battery Shim Replacement

by Kestrel

Kestrel Meters Battery Shim Replacement

The Kestrel Meters Battery Shim Replacement is used to replace lost or broken battery shim for your Kestrel 4000 Series and Above Weather Meter.  The cost is $5.00 for shipping and handling.  If you need more than one replacement for some reason, please give us a call so you don't get charged this shipping fee twice at checkout. 

How to Install Batteries and Shim

The magnetic signature in AAA batteries can influence compass readings. To prevent this, the Kestrel Weather Meter has a flexible plastic shim that slides in between the batteries.
  • Insert the batteries in as shown on the back door.
  • Insert shim between batteries with the clear tab out and folded over the end of the battery with the positive pole (the "bump").
  • Press the tab down over the battery with the bump through the hole.
  • Close the door tightly.