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PC Interface - USB Port

by Kestrel
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The Kestrel USB Interface works with all Kestrel 4000-series meters, turning your meter into a weather station and data logger. Easily connect the interface into the proper USB port on your computer, set the meter on the cradle, and upload the data. With the easy-to-use software you are able to view the data in a text editor, spreadsheet or database.  

Simply connect the interface cable to the serial port on your PC, rest the Kestrel 4000 on the cradle, and upload your stored data. The included software is easy to use and saves the data in a comma delimited text file for use in your choice of applications: text editor, spreadsheet or database. 



Download Stored Data

Download your data, chart it, and export it to save or us in other applications.

Included in Box:
  • Cradle for Kestrel Meter (only suitable for Kestrel 4000 series and up)
  • Communicator disc/software
  • 6- foot USB cable

Computer Requirements:

  • Compatibility: PC
  • Connectivity: Serial Port (Com 1-4)
  • Operating System: Windows 3.1 or Higher
  • Memory: 4MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.4MB
Communicator Software:
(If using interface Cradle, please install software driver below)
  • Kestrel Communicator Interface Software, v 2.1.1 compatible with ALL Kestrel 4000 series model |  Download (10.8MB)
  • Kestrel Communicator Software Instructions | Download PDF (179 KB)
  Included in Box:
  • Cradle for Kestrel Meter
  • Communicator disc/software
  • USB cable

Box Dimensions:

  • 544 g
  • 13.34cm x 10.8cm x 5.72cm


Additional Information:
  • Part # 0804USB
  • NSN # 5895015684659



Place of Origin: USA