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Kestrel Basic Series Vane Mount

by Kestrel

Kestrel Basic Series Vane Mount Overview

This vane mount accessory securely attaches a Bluetooth enabled Kestrel Basic Series Meter (1000-3550) to any tripod (tripod not included) or other ¼-20 fitted bracket. Once mounted, the Kestrel Basic Series Meter becomes a simple and accurate source for wind and weather data for your smartphone or tablet. With a large wind vane and precision pivot, this vane mount keeps the Kestrel oriented into the wind for continuous measurement of wind speed, wind direction, and other key weather parameters.

This vane mount is compatible with:

  • Kestrel 1000
  • Kestrel 2000
  • Kestrel 2500 and 2500NV
  • Kestrel 2700
  • Kestrel 3000 and 3000HS
  • Kestrel 3500, 3500NV, 3500DT, and 3500FW