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Sole Importer and Exclusive Distributor of Kestrel Products in Australia
Sole Importer and Exclusive Distributor of Kestrel Products in Australia

Australian Electrical Standards Compliance

As responsible suppliers, the Kestrel line of products as Weather stations need to be marked with the RCM denoting it meets safety standards before it can be sold in Australia and New Zealand. 

The RCM mark is found on the Kestrel inside of the battery cover;

RCM image

All Kestrel products distributed by the exclusive distributor (Kestrel AU) in Australia are marked with the RCM (also called the C - tick) and are also registered on the ERAC database as level 1 devices; ERAC Equipment Registration  To check your kestrel, please ensure you select level 1 registrations.

EMC Declarations are also supplied by the manufacturer and can be found here:




Kestrel Weather stations are also CE certified, RoHS and WEEE compliant. Individually tested to NIST-traceable standards (written certificate of tests available at additional charge).

Kestrel weather stations are recyclable and meet WEEE compliance;

Note: "WEEE stands for Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment. WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC mandates the treatment, recovery and recycling of electric and electronic equipment (90% ends up in landfills). All applicable products in the EU market must pass WEEE compliance and carry the "Wheelie Bin" sticker." - WEEE Legislation