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Kestrel Meter 4500NV Horus ATrag Ballistics - Special Order Only!


The Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics combines the Kestrel 4500 with Night Vision with Horus ATrag Ballistics software for the ultimate shooting partner.  The first lightweight hand-held tool of its kind, the Kestrel Horus is a powerful shooting tool that combines critical environmental data with targeted software solutions for precise shooting.  The Kestrel 4500 NV provides key readings for shooters, including:

·      Heading (true & magnetic)

·      Wind direction

·      Crosswind

·      Headwind/tailwind

·      Pressure trend

·      Barometric pressure

·      Wet bulb temperature

·      Relative humidity in %

·      Heat stress index

·      Dewpoint

·      Wet bulb temperature

·      Density altitude

·      Wind chill

·      Air, water and snow temperature

·      Current, average and maximum air velocity


It can take more than two seconds for a bullet to reach its target and even the smallest changes in atmospheric conditions, including wind speed, humidity and altitude, can have a big impact down range.  Not only must a shooter account for the wind, but they must also aim higher to account for the “drop” incurred by the force of gravity over the course of the bullet.  By taking into consideration a number of key factors, including the weight of the bullet and rifle type, the Kestrel meter makes it possible to get the most accurate data right at your fingertips. 


The Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus includes the following features and functionality:

·      Flip-open impeller cover

·      Large 3-line graphical display

·      Backlight

·      Wide operating range

·      Highly accurate data

·      Patented Impeller and Sensor technology

·      No tools required user-replaceable impeller

·      Quick response external temperature sensor

·      Temperature corrected humidity sensor

·      Minimum and maximum values

·      Wind speed average function

·      Clock and calendar

·      Customization automatic and manual data logger (up to 2900 points)

·      On-screen charting


The Kestrel 4500 with Horus ATrag Ballistics allows users to load, customize and store multiple guns, rounds and targets in the same meter.  Users can store multiple sets of target parameters, include distance, angle, speed, direction and wind.  Through accurate measurements of wind speed combined with a built-in digital compass for target bearing and wind direction, the Kestrel 4500 with Horus helps users quickly define target winds and set up their shot.


In order to provide guidance on where to aim for the most precise shot, the Kestrel 4500 with Horus is preprogrammed with a number of guns, allowing for any combination of scope and reticle.  The meter stores data on up to 9 rifles at a time, allowing users to choose their gun and set their latitude when shooting for fast analysis.  Whether in the field or at the range, the Kestrel Horus is a serious tool that combines a user friendly interface with powerful technology.


The Kestrel 4500 with Horus can measure TMOA (true minute of angle), SMOA (shooter minute of angle) and MILs (milliradians).  The unit displays ballistic tables with data of the shot extending out to various distances.  The meter can also provide ballistics solutions out to 4000 years (or around 3700 meters).


The Kestrel 4500 with Horus includes a soft carry pouch, handy neck lanyard, 2 AAA batteries and a Kestrel Certificate of Conformity. These meters are special order only. Allow an additional 4-6 weeks for delivery. 


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*We ship every Kestrel 4000 Series Meter exclusively with Made in the USA Energizer® Brand Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries for improved reliability, capacity, cold-weather performance and weight. We strongly recommend that you use only Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries in your Kestrel Meter. If you choose to install alkaline batteries, we recommend that you do NOT store your Kestrel with these batteries installed, and that you check your batteries for leakage and corrosion a minimum of every 30 days. Damage due to leaking alkaline batteries is not covered under warranty.


Kestrel Meter 4500 Additional Information 

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