Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker

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Kestrel Meter 4250 Racing Weather Tracker

The Kestrel 4250 has been DISCONTINUED as of December 2015 and was updated and replaced by the Kestrel 5100.  Or for a few more features, see the Kestrel 5200


The Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker was part of the next generation of weather monitoring tools for racing professionals and pit crews who want to take their efforts to the next level.  Providing valuable data for racers who rely on accurate weather information in order to optimize their driving, the Kestrel 4250 measures it all in a small, compact meter that is easy to use and incredibly durable.


The Kestrel Meter 4250 measures:

·      Wind speed

·      Temperature

·      Relative humidity

·      Moisture content

·      Dewpoint

·      Station pressure

·      Barometric pressure

·      Air density

·      Relative air density

·      Density altitude

·      Altitude

Fluctuations in temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and density altitude can all affect a car’s performance when it’s on the track.  The Kestrel 4250 helped drivers determine what changes need to be made before they even complete a lap, with real-time data that gives them an edge on the track.  With quick access to data right at their fingertips, adjustments to the course can be made instantly, helping drivers stay ahead of the game.


The Kestrel 4250 measures each of the environmental conditions quickly and easily, in a pocket-sized, compact meter that is designed to stand up to even the roughest conditions.  The portable and easy to use meter gave racers and pit crews the data they need to optimize the team’s race efforts.  Available at a fraction of the cost of competing systems, the Kestrel 4250 is a truly valuable tool for race car drivers and pit crews everywhere.


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*We ship every Kestrel 4000 Series Meter exclusively with Made in the USA Energizer® Brand Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries for improved reliability, capacity, cold-weather performance and weight. We strongly recommend that you use only Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries in your Kestrel Meter. If you choose to install alkaline batteries, we recommend that you do NOT store your Kestrel with these batteries installed, and that you check your batteries for leakage and corrosion a minimum of every 30 days. Damage due to leaking alkaline batteries is not covered under warranty.


Kestrel Meter 4250 Additional Information 

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