Kestrel 4000 Weather Meter

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Kestrel Meter 4000 Weather Meter

The Kestrel 4000 has been DISCONTINUED, and has been replace by the Kestrel 5000.  

The Kestrel 4000 weather meter was the baseline wind and weather meter in the Kestrel 4000 series, the first Kestrel handheld weather meter series to have built-in data storage included for increased functionality.  The entire 4000 series (4000 and up) are thicker units, take AAA batteries, have increased functionality and all have optional Bluetooth capabilities.  There are Software Partners out there to use with these meters, or we have our own Communicator software that you can download from our website (bottom of page).  


The built in data log gave users the ability to store weather monitoring data points in multiple sessions for graphing and analysis over time.   The customization data storage feature in the Kestrel 4000 had the capability to store up to 4000 data points for complete field analysis.

In addition to calculating the most important atmospheric readings, the Kestrel 4000, like all Kestrel Meters, also provided minimum, maximum and average values and has the ability to graph and track trends over time. 


The Kesterl 4000 did not have a compass for wind direction, you would need to see the Kestrel 4500, or now the Kestrel 5500.  


The Kestrel 4000 measures:

  • Barometric pressure
  • Pressure trend
  • Altitude
  • Relative humidity
  • Heat stress index
  • Dew point
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Density altitude
  • Wind chill
  • Air, water, and snow temperature
  • Current wind speed
  • Average wind speed
  • Maximum wind gust

 Available in Night Vision (NV)


All Kestrel 4000 Meters include:

  • User replaceable AAA batteries 
  • Soft Carry Pouch
  • Neck Lanyard
  • Kestrel Certificate of Conformity
  • 5 year Warranty



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Kestrel Meter 4000 Additional Information 


*We ship every Kestrel 4000 Series Meter exclusively with Made in the USA Energizer® Brand Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries for improved reliability, capacity, cold-weather performance and weight. We strongly recommend that you use only Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries in your Kestrel Meter. If you choose to install alkaline batteries, we recommend that you do NOT store your Kestrel with these batteries installed, and that you check your batteries for leakage and corrosion a minimum of every 30 days. Damage due to leaking alkaline batteries is not covered under warranty.


Kestrel Meter 4000 Additional Information 

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