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Sole Importer and Exclusive Distributor of Kestrel Products in Australia
Sole Importer and Exclusive Distributor of Kestrel Products in Australia

Miners Anemometer


Amemometer for Miners

Mine managers are responsible for surveying and managing mine ventilation system using handy tools like mining anemometers.  A mining anemometer, just one of the tools that mine managers depend on to protect their teams, is used in underground mining operations to measure the volume of air that is entering and exiting a mine.  Using a mining anemometer ensures that there is enough airflow in the mine to prevent dangerous gases from accumulating, and is one way that mine managers measure and evaluate the mine’s ventilation system in order to maximize efficiency and plan for future systems.  In addition to utilizing a mining anemometer to measure air flow, mine managers also employ tracer gas, to measure the resistance of individual airways in a mine, an aneroid barometer to determine pressure loss, and mine ventilation simulations to help select ventilation equipment.  All of these methods work toward a common goal – keeping mine workers safe and protected every day that they are on the job.

Although mining has become much safer in recent years thanks to technological advances and increased safety requirements by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHS), it is still a dangerous occupation due to the risk of becoming trapped underground with explosives gases.  While there are several different methods that mine managers can employ to test air volume and quality for their teams, having a mining anemometer is one of the easiest methods since the meters are small, easy to use, portable and relatively affordable.  The most portable mine anemometer designs are small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, run on batteries, and don’t need to be calibrated before use.  Portable mine anemometers are perfect for quick spot checks and for long term monitoring of air flow, as they don’t require a high level of technical understanding to use and can be easily carried into the mine without extra weight or a complicated setup.

Having a mining anemometer on hand for taking air flow measurements can make the difference between life and death when working in a mine.  Mine workers and managers depend on tools like a mining anemometer to provide fast, accurate readings.  When selecting a mining anemometer, mine managers should consider the size, the ease of use and the durability of the meters they are looking at.  Look for a mining anemometer that can stand up to the environment with water resistance and a dustproof design.  A large easy-to-read display with a backlight is also a must-have feature, as you may find yourself needing to take a reading in emergency situations where headlamps and mine lights aren’t working. 

Mine safety continues to be an important issue throughout the world, as recent years have seen mine worker’s lives end in tragedy due to explosions or cave-ins that couldn’t be predicted.  Being prepared with the highest quality tools for mining will help to protect the lives of mining crews and help to prevent serious accidents and even death from occurring.